Photobooth #10

Nová Scéna

young girl in a vintage photobooth in front of a building

Théâtre National de Prague
Národní 1393
110 00 Nové Město

Installed at the foot of the Nová Scéna, the new national theater of Prague, an incredible piece of brutalist architecture designed by Karel Prager!

Open seven days a week, at all hours of day and night, in the snow or the wind, our colossus with brushed aluminium feet was built for it!
It’s equipped with a thermal regulation system which prevents it from freezing in winter, it copes well with the summer heat and the springtime of course, when it is velvet!

Also, despite its mirrored wardrobe allure, its four columns and bullet-proof door dissuade the unwelcome from picking a fight. Peter, our philosopher-technician, watches over it.

Distinguishing features :

  • Composed of four columns and a frontispiece.
  • Brushed, cast aluminium.
  • Glacier blue interior.
  • Stainless steel dipped in the Vlata.
  • Heated curtain.
  • Accepts Kč crowns, €uros and contactless bankcard.
a metal photobooth under a building of concrete and glass