As part of its activity, Fotoautomat, whose headquarters are located at 3 A rue Adolphe Thiers 13001 MARSEILLE, is required to collect and process a certain amount of personal information. Fotoautomat attaches great importance to the respect of privacy, and only uses data in a responsible and confidential manner and for a specific purpose. For your information, the nature and use of your personal data are detailed below.

What data?

On the website, two types of data are likely to be collected:

1- Data transmitted directly

These data are those that you transmit to us directly, via a form of contact at the time of your purchases on the catalog of the label or at the time of your inscription with our newsletter. The fields “first and last name”, “address” and “email” are mandatory in the contact form.

These data are used to ensure the proper processing of your order and in order to contact you if necessary, or finally to give you news if you want to subscribe to our newsletter.

2- Data collected automatically

In accordance with the recommendations of the CNIL, Fotoautomat has set up a banner that appears when you enter its site. It refers to a page that specifies the purpose of the cookies used, tells you that you can oppose these cookies and reminds you that the continuation of your navigation means that you agree to the deposit of cookies on your terminal. After your consent, the computer server that hosts automatically collects information from you, as most sites do.

Once you have given your consent, we may collect information about your browsing habits, the duration of your visit, part of your IP address, your browser type and version.

This data is collected anonymously (by recording anonymous IP addresses) by the Matomo software, and allows us to measure the audience of our website, the consultations and possible errors in order to constantly improve the user experience. The technology used is the cookie.

All these data are used by Fotoautomat, responsible for data processing, and will never be transferred to a third party or used for other purposes than those detailed above.

What cookies?

As mentioned above, Fotoautomat uses certain cookies for the proper functioning of its site. Here is the list of cookies used and their purpose:

1- Operating cookies

They are used to record data relevant to the navigation and use of the website from the user’s computer (allowing, for example, the preferred size of the page to be recorded in a list). These cookies, called session cookies, are automatically deleted at the end of each visit.

What regulations?

Having its head office in France, Fotoautomat is exclusively subject to French regulations regarding personal data and to the opinions issued by the National Commission for Information Technology and Liberties (CNIL)..

Personal data is only collected with the obligatory consent of the user. This consent is validly collected (buttons and check boxes), free, clear and unequivocal.

The data will be saved for a maximum of 3 years.

You have the right to consult, request modification or deletion of all your personal data.