Photobooth #08

La relique

woman in skirt and heeled sandals sitting in a vintage photo booth rounded in stainless steel mirror and blue curtain

56 rue de Caumartin
75009 Paris
> M° Havre-Caumartin

Inaugurated at the Grand Palais in September 2017, at the Irving Penn exhibition, this is a complete reconstruction of a Model 9 from the 1950‘s.

We had to custom build a mould and a press in our studio in order to make the two laminated timber shells.

As well as its rounded form, its small size and its welcoming seat, you will doubtless appreciate its aluminium, Airstream style cladding, its interior, light oak finish and its Memphis style Linoleum!

Previously you could caress its polished chrome on the ground floor of the Samaritaine department store, but presently it awaits you at the Citadium Caumartin, on the first floor to the right of the escalator.

Distinguishing features :

  • Welcoming, ovoid form.
  • Hand polished aluminium.
  • Toile de Mayenne curtain.
  • First class Linoleum.
  • “Photographies” vintage, illuminated sign.
  • Accepts 1€ and 2€ coins / contactless bankcard.

rideau bleu de photomaton