Photobooth #03

Kasárna Karlín

vintage brass photobooth in front of a green wall in Prague

Prvního pluku 20/2
186 00 Karlín
Czech Republic

February 6th 2019, early morning, convoy to the east.
First stage: the National Gallery of Prague, at the Jedna Café.
May 2022, direction Karlin quarter, the booth joins the Kaserna team and settles on its porch, taking the place of the guardsman.
Since then it has been standing to attention under its golden breastplate.

Distinctive features :

  • Lovely patina of burnished brass.
  • Petroleum blue look.
  • Target stool.
  • Neon sign with interchangeable characters.
  • Accepts Kč crowns, Euros and contactless bank card.

détail d'un photomaton en laiton