Photobooth #02

La Maison Rouge

vintage photo booth installed in the Bonton Filles du Calvaire store in Paris

This was the first photobooth to be entirely designed, constructed and assembled by the FotoAutomat team.
It is also the first open model of the

Coming out of the workshop in July 2011, the booth made its first trip to the Arles International Photography Festival.
It then moved to a long stay at the Maison Rouge gallery in Paris where it opened the “All Cannibals” exhibition.

It photographed neon lovers
and other cultural anhropophag of all varieties until tdefinitive closure of the art foundation in 2018.
It then migrated to the Art Brut Museum at the Halle Saint-Pierre,
before stopping by chez Bonton in July 2020. It now resides at 5 Boulevard des Filles du Calvaire where it awaits young and old.

Distinguishing features:

  • Aluminium curves.
  • A two story headdress.
  • Well planted and light.
  • Mid height Toile de Mayenne curtain.
  • Accepts 1€ and 2€ coins / contactless bankcard.

femme rousse assise dans un photomaton avec des rideaux bleu