Photo booth #01

Le Palais de Tokyo

rounded photo booth with natural wood veneer

13 Av. du Président Wilson
Paris 16e

> M° Iéna

September 2007, this good old black and white, analog photobooth makes its reappearance in France.

From Berlin, rescued from the tip, restored and made reliable by the all new FotoAutomat France team.
This is the first of a long series.
Ready to take your portrait in black and white with four flashes if you please!

“Lovers, mates, dole bludgers, actors, birthday celebrators, newly weds, students, artists, grandmas, kids, bikies, hobos, megalomaniacs, repeat offenders … give in to your narcissistic urges for only 3€.”

Its itinerary : Berlin-Paris one way trip.

Distinguishing features :

  • Zebrano natural wood.
  • Toile de Mayenne curtains.
  • Real Linoleum.
  • Curves and decadence.
  • Accepts 1€ and 2€ coins / contactless bankcard.

It took one year to reconstruct this photobooth by hand. It’s a 1960‘s model that has otherwise disappeared.

The wooden exteriors were created with a custom built press in our workshop.

Once the booth was assembled and veneered, we transferred the restored photo development mechanism to it, so it can give you the same authentic analog photos as back in the day.

wooden press used to build a rounded photo booth model
rounded photo booth frame
curved wooden shells